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Signal Corps Field Communications Equipment at its best
Jan 2019 This "Signal Center"web site is your "Commo" One-Stop-Shop Source to buy complete systems or replacement parts for U.S. Army Signal Corps field telephones and Switchboards such as the Vietnam Era Signal Corps Field Communications Equipment TA-312/PT and later model TA-312A/PT (Star Dynamics Corporation), TA-43/PT,and the TA-1/PT sound-powered field telephones, and additionally the SB-22/PT and SB-86/P Switchboard. I also repair them.

I do not sell or ship to other countries; too many restrictions. .

 Signal Corps and Signal Center description of www.signalcenter.com website by South Vietnam Veteran

Gallery of legendary, iconic images of Signal Corps Soldiers in the communications business Future Topic of The EMP alarmist -- concerns Future Topic... Doom and Gloom-paranoids  or Realists? SCENARIOS: Basic networks in realistic urban environments

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I will soon list and display more Equipment and Field Manuals I have acquired throughout the years. Most of it is for sale. All of it is my personal property. If there's any particular part or equipment you want to inquire about, please use the e-mail provided to contact me. I've collected a vast amount of wire related communications equipment and accessories throughout the past 45 years. This website and my other WWW.SIGNALHUB.COM are for sale;see my other website for more information -- make me an offer: www.goldjunk.com

 SB-22/PT Switchboard Network of TA-312/PT Telephones, MX-230A/PT or MX-2915/PT, WD-1/TT Wire in Wire Dispenser MX-306A/G 1/2 Mile, Wire Reel Unit Kit RL-39 with Spool DR-8 reel    Signal Corps Wiremans Tool Equipment TE-33, Knife TL-29, Pliers TL-13,  Signal Corps Leather  Pouch CS-34 wire splicing kit pliers
 TA-312/PT field telephones being tested storage building of just a small amount of more Signal Corps SB-22/PT switchboard and field telephones

Commo Parts

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Go to Commo Parts Listing  Click photo-icon to view descriptions and pricesand the latest listing of new items available. These vary from TA-312/PT or TA-43/PT Parts, TA-1/PT field telephones to the SB-22/PT Switchboard. Current parts consist of New SA-129/PT H-60/PT Handset switches, H-60/PT hard-to-find Handset h-60/PT De-icing screens/membranes Diaphrams, New Battery Compartment Covers, New rubber switch covers, New TA-235/PT Transmitter Elements, New TA-117/PT Receiver Elements, Transmitter element plastic contact element cup, the gray transmitter cup gasket, Hook switch, and the Pranger. I have new CY-1277 B/PT canvas carrying bags with new carrying straps I also have listed here that rectangular Serial Number Data ID Plate for TA-312/PT, TA-312A/PT, and TA-43/PT that are often missing. The serial number space is blank for you to inscribe/engrave with your personal property data.
Go To Diagnostics Information page Technical Repair Information  with Common Diagnostic Tips for the TA-312/PT and the TA-43/PT, including the TA-1/PT Sound Powered Field Telephone -- with Exploded Diagrams If you can't readily identify part-description names (nomenlclature): Here are detailed parts descriptions and informative diagrams/exploded views of these field telephones -- very helpful in indentifying your parts. Click on this image hyperlink:
MX-306A/TT MX-6895/TT MX-6894/TT wd-1/TT RL-39 DR-8
  1. WD-1A/TT Guaranteed wire without splices and Tested on hand as of Jan 2019. This is Rugged military wire WD-1A/TT -- all tested for sale.

  2. Donut Rolls -- Canvas canister wire WD-36/TT 1/4 mile for sale with prices, photos, and descriptions.

  3. See the differences in wire characteristics between, WD-1/TT, WD-1A/TT, and WD-36/TT

  4. Also features images of Wire Reeling Equipment. Information on how to use the RL-39 Reeling Kit.

  5. General WD-1/TT Information -- Canvas Cannister "Donuts"/Wire Buying Tips

Contact me by e-mail; petemtz@hot.rr.com to inquire. Thanks.

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Field Telephones

Field Telephones -- sales are suspended for the time being. I am not home long enough to work on them for processing in order to sell, compounded with many time-consuming medical appointments and unscheduled trips. I sincerely apologize to my customers who have orders or on queue for them. "It is what it is," as the cliché goes, I have to be realistic with myself. I just don't have time to process them any longer; I will continue to sell parts listed on my website and on EBAY because these don't require any time to process, and I can even coordinate the sale remotely, away from home (my son or wife can process and ship them). As an ongoing endeavor I will list on this website the field telephones that I able to eventually prepare for sale. As a courtesy, I will first contact those customers I mentioned earlier to see if they are still interested. Believe me, I am not happy about this; I take solace in that I have not taken any money in advance from anyone.

I keep repeating “process;” with these old field telephones what that entails is extensive, labor intensive cleaning (frequently requiring sandblasting), repairing/replacing defective parts and dry-rotted rubber components, some spot painting, and thorough testing -- two to three hours -- sometimes longer. Most of these Vietnam era field telephones are over 60 years old.

SB-993/GT Switchboard

SB-993/GT Switchboards: Jan 2019, I do not have any at this time: I will post when I doWhen available I will add two spare new lamp modules with each and an Operator's Pamphlet.. Cost without the canvas carrying bag: $99.95.00 plus $10.00 shipping. Note: emphosize that these switchboards do not have the canvas carrying case,

As of Jan 2019 I have a couple with canvas cases. I sell them with canvas cases for $130.00. The metal switchboard enclosure is all inclusive, or in other words, the canvas case is not important for it's operation or containment of the modules. This is the alternative for a low cost Switchboard network to integrate 7 TA-312/PT's, TA-43/PT's, and/or TA-1/PT's sound powered field phones -- even the WWII EE-8's field telephones. And even the Ericsson Fienden Lyssnar field phones that incorporates morse code     Do you want to build your own small switchboard? Look at this Home Made switchboard recently built by a customer: SB-993/HM (HomeMade)

You can to -- I have the modules to build it: see modules      

SB-22/PT Switchboard

I also have available complete SB-22/PT switchboards complete and tested.H-182/PT headsets used, complete and in excellent condition ($150.00 value). A operators manual and Tech Manuals are also included: Capacity to integrate 12 field telephones and/or a combination of TA-312/PT's, TA-43/PT's, and TA-1/PT's field phones -- even the WWII EE-8's field telephones. And even the Ericsson Fienden Lyssnar field phones that incorporates morse code All for $600.00 plus $50.00 shipping.

Note: New Replacements for delapidated or dry-rotted TA-222/PT line pack cords with new plugs and new rubber sleeves are readily available: buy one ($6.00) or five ($30.00) or 12 ($50.00).


Are you missing the SB-22/PT switchboard rear compartment tubular battery holder? I have them readily available. These are the exact, original equipment (OEM). They hold 4 D-Cell batteries that provide the DC power to the headset H-182/PT headset, alarm buzzer, and light and for the Operator's Pack TA-221/PT. $49.95 plus shipping $8.00
see SB-22/PT buying Tips , and related information.

SB-86/P Switchboard

I even have a complete 30 Line SB-86/P. Additionally, I have an extra Power Supply P-990/G and a TA-248/P

Diagram of Small Switchboard SB-993/GT Network.

SB-993/GT switchboard network combined with TA-312/PT, TA-43/PT, TA-1/PT and SB-22/PT

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